Senate Democrats Reject Real Investments in Small Business

Senate Democrats rejected Senator Brian Boquist’s (R-Salem) amendments to dramatically improve Oregon’s tax code, to give Oregon’s local small businesses much needed tax relief, as well as an amendment to repeal the small business tax hikes enacted in 2018 by Senate Bill 1528.

4301-2 amends the Governor’s proposed legislation to expand the special tax rates for lower income small businesses and includes true sole proprietors within the special rates, giving more hard-working small businesses true tax relief.

“The Governor’s proposed legislation doesn’t make sense, and is not a real investment in Oregon’s small businesses,” said Boquist. “Small business is the backbone of Oregon’s economy, let’s pass true tax reform and give them a fighting chance to create more jobs and grow the economy.”

The second amendment, 4301-6, would repeal the section of SB 1528 signed by the Governor following the 2018 Legislative Session that raised taxes on Oregon’s small businesses.

“The best way to show our support for small business would be to repeal the $1.3 billion tax increase created by legislative Democrats and the Governor,” said Boquist. “Rather than play political theater, let’s pass legislation that truly provides
tax relief for Oregon’s small businesses.”

Democrats also introduced amendments to the Governors legislation. Their amendments would result in net tax increase on the same small businesses they are supposedly trying to help