Romney Takes Charge of Hate: Sunday’s Comic

Romney Takes Charge of RRR Voter Hate Group

The Republican establishment has lost control of the republican party and would serve themselves well if they stopped talking because each time they open their mouths they give the electorate more reason to reject their elitist message.

The strangest thing has emerged as the republican establishment scrambles to insure that they justify and at the same time ignore the anger and resentment toward the establishment as Donald Trump continues to dominate the primary election results. While Speaker Ryan chastised Trump for the way he handled the repeated questions about the KKK and David Duke’s alleged endorsement of Trump.

A new Republican hate group has evolved, the RRR (Romney, Reinse and Ryan) to defeat the one candidate that the disenfranchised have embraced as their only hope against the abusive power concentration in Washington and wherever ‘Romney lives’.

Romney a two time loser first to John McCain in 2012 and then inexcusably to Obama in 2014 has the nerve to come out and demand that Trump give his tax returns to a bunch of unqualified journalists. Oh, by the way Romney didn’t release his returns until just before the election in 2014. Then he has the nerve to deliver a nationally televised speech on behalf of the RNC establishment denigrating Donald Trump. Mitt you were given your chance and blew it so now you openly join the RRR. You are highly qualified to be president (Grand wizard) of the RRR.

Speaker Ryan as mentioned above unnecessarily attacked Mr. Trump the morning of Super Tuesday with a statement to insinuate that Donald Trump was at least tolerant of the hateful activities’ of the KKK and that position would not be tolerated by the Republican party as defined by the RRR.

Reinse if not orchestrating he has certainly instigated the well publicized intention of powerful moneyed “Republicans” to organize and finance special PACs to bring down Donald Trump to preserve the power and control that the establishment has enjoyed for decades.

There has even been insanity talk of finding another candidate to run even if Trump wins the nomination to run which would guarantee a victory for Hillary Clinton. The RRR has gone so far as to portray Donald trump as a liberal democrat posing as a Republican. How quickly they forget Ronald Reagan.

The anger and frustration of the Middle class will reject the RRR just like they have rejected the hatred and bigotry of the KKK.

The rise of the Trump Campaign has been a direct response to the amount the “establishment” protests even though Trump has energized the registered republicans like no one can remember.

It appears that the only opportunity for the Republican Party is to follow the rules and truly support the person nominated by those who vote in the primary