Portland Fire & Rescue Responds to an Apartment Fire (35 NE 148th)

This evening at 5:12 pm Portland Firefighters were called to an apartment complex at 35 NE 148th. Firefighters from Station 7 (Mill Park) located the fire in a fourth floor apartment. A majority of the fire had been extinguished by the buildings sprinkler system and firefighters began looking for any additional fire. The apartments occupant had evacuated prior to firefighters arriving and no injuries were associated with this fire.

The fire was completely extinguished and firefighters began working to clear smoke and water from the building to avoid further damage. The occupant stated that she was cooking with oil when the fire started. Fire damage was contained to the apartment where the fire started but some lower units may have water damage caused by the sprinkler.

Portland Fire & Rescue reminds residents:

Cooking is the leading cause of home fires in the U.S.

-Keep dishtowels, paper towels, pot holders, and combustible items away from stove burners.

-When cooking, stay in the kitchen and keep an eye on the stove.

-Don’t wear loose sleeves over hot stove burners – they can melt, ignite, or catch on handles of pots and pans

-If a cooking fire starts, smother it with a pot lid. Never throw water on a grease fire, and do NOT try to pick up the pan.