Oregon’s FEMA-approved natural hazards mitigation plan regains “Enhanced Status”

The Oregon Office of Emergency Management recently became eligible for increased mitigation funds that will help better prepare Oregon for future disasters. As of March 2, 2015, 12 states have FEMA approved Enhanced State Mitigation Plans.

States with Enhanced Mitigation Plans have demonstrated a comprehensive mitigation program, and are eligible for an increased amount of mitigation funding following a disaster declaration.

“An enhanced State Mitigation Plan signifies that a state has been proactive and comprehensive in hazard mitigation program implementation,” Hazard Mitigation Officer Dennis Sigrist explained. “We are proud of this recognition because not only is it a goal we wanted to achieve, but we also know increased mitigation funds will ultimately reduce the amount of damage from disasters, making Oregon safer and more resilient.”

Sigrist said a recent study by FEMA’s Multi-hazard Mitigation Council shows that each dollar spent on mitigation saves society an average of four dollars.