Oregon Dept. of Forestry launches new website

The Oregon Department of Forestry (ODF) announces the launch of its new website, providing visitors a more user-friendly experience. Months in the making, the redesigned website is streamlined to meet the information and business needs of the public and our customers, make navigation easier, and features mobile-friendly technology for those using smartphones and tablets. The web address to ODF’s site remains the same: http://www.oregon.gov/ODF.

“Using public information best practices, and six months of employee and stakeholder feedback, this has truly been a collaborative process between agency leadership, staff, and members of the public” says Tony Andersen, ODF Public Affairs Director. “After a lot of hard work, we have arrived at an excellent product that we can all be proud of.”

The new website has a modern, user-friendly design to help visitor’s find what they need more quickly and easily. Some of the new site features include:

-Clean, simple, and responsive design for your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone
-Easy navigation, contact information, and quick links from every page
-Interactive maps and datasets about wildfires, recreational opportunities, and other department services
-Featured information on current topics, alerts, and important services
-Smart search capabilities
-A news blog and calendar that will be updated regularly with current and useful information

A key consideration in the redesign is the growing number of visitors using mobile devices or tablets to access ODF’s website. The new site is responsive to any device and usable in all formats. The simplified structure and language allowed ODF to reduce the number of pages on its site by 85 percent while maintaining relevant and useful content.

“We’re pleased and excited to offer another way to quickly and easily access information about ODF services, information for forest landowners and forest visitors, and anyone who cares about Oregon forests,” said Doug Decker, Oregon State Forester and ODF Director. “We’re always looking for new ways to improve our service and I think Internet visitors will appreciate this update and refresh.”

ODF conducted usability tests with more than 150 Oregonians to help develop the design and structure of the new website. The feedback, combined with analytic data from ODF’s previous website, was instrumental in creating a final redesign that provides more accessibility and efficiency for visitors. The website was developed through Oregon’s E-government Program with the assistance of NICUSA, Inc., which is under contract to provide services to state agencies.