New Salem Health Rehabilitation Center inspires healing

Salem Health officially opened its new Rehabilitation Center at 755 Mission St., Building M in Salem. The two-story, 35,000 square foot space is designed to meet the rehabilitation needs of the community–and tailored for specialized and collaborative care.

The new building features:
An innovative overhead system designed to provide a safe and real-world experience for patients focused on gait, balance and fall risk
A larger warm water aquatic therapy pool
Multiple spaces for pediatric therapists to offer suspended vestibular equipment as part of therapy
Larger gyms for adult therapy and Work Injury Management

Visitors will discover the center’s convenient location on the hospital campus with easy parking near the building.

“Our patients will love this fresh, new, natural environment for their therapy,” says Phil Haworth, rehabilitation services manager. “They will experience more natural light, state-of-the-art equipment and inspired specialists with space to do their best work. It’s really exciting.”

Haworth says about 45 therapists and psychologists with Salem Health Rehabilitation Services see more than 7,300 new patients every year. Salem Health exceeded 50,000 patient visits in 2015.

People who need rehabilitation services can ask their provider for a referral to Salem Health Rehabilitation Center. Find more details about the center online at

Construction continues onsite of the new therapy and community play area–Salem’s first outdoor play area for people of all abilities.