Man Charged For Shooting, Wounding Deer

Daniel Logsdon was arrested on June 28, 2018, after Troopers from the Oregon State Police Fish & Wildlife Division in Central Point completed a three month long investigation into the unlawful shooting and wounding of two black-tail deer in the Shady Cove area in Jackson County this past spring.

Logsdon was charged with Unlawful Take/Possession Of Antlerless Deer, Aggravated Animal Abuse, and Failure to Report Accurate Information as a Sex Offender.

The investigation started when Troopers responded to reports of two live deer that had been shot with arrows and the arrows were still in the deer. There was no hunting season for deer during this time.

Working with the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife the deer were located and tranquilized. The arrows were successfully removed without further injury to the deer.

The deer were shot with older type arrows that had practice field tips and not broadhead tips. Broadhead tips are required for archery hunting for big game during authorized seasons.

Authorities believe this was not a hunter who was trying to harvest a deer to eat, but more of a malicious intent to wound not one, but two deer.