Lost Hubcap Fire

Last night an infra-red flight was flown that mapped the perimeter of the fire and detected the hot spots for the fire fighters to focus on today. The mapping unit mapped the fire at 2,984 acres. There was minimal growth in the fire size since Saturday night.

The fire perimeter is mapped at 14.23 miles. To put this another way imagine walking from downtown Portland to Vancouver Lake in Vancouver, Washington.

Yesterday’s approximate half inch of rain helped the fire fighters efforts by wetting the fuels and extinguishing light smokes. No rain is forecasted for today. Cooler temperatures and higher humidity will keep the fire activity to a minimum.

Fire fighters will focus on completing the fireline around the entire perimeter today, mostly on the west side. Day Operations Section Chief Joe Hessel stated “Today’s mission is clear – with a good day of hard work, we can fill in the gaps and get a line tied around this fire”.

On portions of the fire where the line is completed, crews will begin to lay hose and fittings in preparation for the next phase: mop-up.

There have been no injuries to incident firefighters.