Emergency Dispatcher Talks Suicidal Person Out of Suicide Attempt

On Wednesday August 13, 2014 at about 12:45 am, the Newberg-Dundee Communications center received a call from a suicidal adult male. The male stated that he knew communications into a 911 center were recorded and he wanted to leave a recorded message for his family. The suicidal male refused all other information as to his identity or whereabouts other than to say he had a rope around his neck and was preparing to jump off a bridge.

The Communications Officer began to engage the caller, working to personalize himself to the caller, expressing compassion and concern while also attempting to find the caller’s location. At the same time, a second communications officer was working with the phone company to try to locate the caller’s location via GPS from the caller’s phone while fielding other radio traffic and incoming calls.

The caller continued to be determined about his intentions while refusing to offer details as to his location or identity. However the communications officer continued to earnestly engage the caller. After about 40 minutes, the caller said that he was beginning to re-evaluate his situation. The communications officer spoke to the caller for approximately 50 minutes in total before police were able to locate him.

The caller was subsequently taken to a medical care facility for a mental health evaluation.