Ben Carson appears in Wilsonville to endorse Monica Wehby

wehbyA crowd gathered at McMenamin’s in Wilsonville to welcome Dr. Ben Carson as he appeared with U.S. Senate candidate Dr. Monica Wehby on Friday night. The crowd was enthusiastic and waited patiently in the outdoor tent as occasional rain and cold swept through the area. Once the pair appeared, there was plenty of excitement through the evening with Dr. Wehby speaking as a citizen candidate making it clear she is someone who recognizes the dire situation faced in this nation on loss of liberty, increased taxation, regulations and, of course, the nationalization of healthcare under the notorious Obamacare law.

Dr. Wehby also spoke from the heart as ‘a mother of four teenagers,’ which she noted as being her most important job, while outlining her vision for running as a concerned parent. She asked the audience if they believed their children would have the same opportunities they had while growing up; the audience answered in the negative.

Dr. Wehby is a pediatric neurosurgeon, who has garnered accolades over the years for her service to families and her expertise in the field of medicine. She told the audience, “I have never been accused of being a shrinking violet.”

Her resume supports her statement.

Dr. Wehby was the first woman to go through the UCLA neurosurgery program and  had her first exposure to hate mail when spear-heading the effort in the state’s Tort reform campaign. She also described putting her reputation on the line and having to have her phone number changed as she began speaking out against Obamacare in 2009,  which was the same year the tea party movement emerged; however, since the law has manifested, she told the audience,  “Now, we actually look kind of clairvoyant” with the message they were delivering about concerns in the healthcare bill in 2009.

Upbeat and optimistic, Wehby is able to articulate the Obamacare debacle at a time when so many in office, or running for it, are delivering talking points. She is able to relate to the people because her life of service has been devoted to helping others from all walks of life.

Dr. Wehby noted that no one comes to a neurosurgeon with a minor problem; it is, in fact, very serious. She stated it is in those times of crisis when people are seen for who they really are, when the best and worst is revealed, and that “we are at that time” in the nation. She followed up her remarks by describing what occurs as she is preparing to take a child into surgery.

“Nothing touches my heart more as a neurosurgeon than when parents come to you and they hand you their baby right as you are getting ready to go back to the operating room, and they say, ‘Dr. Wehby, take care of my baby,’ ” she said with emotion coming through her voice. “It’s a tremendous amount of responsibility, and I will take that same commitment as your Senator, when I represent you there.”

During her appearance, Wehby spoke boldly of the principles she embraces and her decision to run. When Dr. Ben Carson took to the stage, he said both he and Dr. Wehby had discussed for some time whether it would be worth running. “But the fact of the matter is,” began Dr. Carson, “our country is worth saving.”  It was a decision motivated by a sense of being able to make a difference – not a sense of entitlement, as has become so prevalent with career politicians, thus outlining Dr. Wehby’s support for term limits, which the audience clearly supported.

“Doctors think differently than career politicians,” said Dr. Wehby. “We think logically – not ideologically.” Her statement drew much laughter and applause.

Comparisons were then drawn between the careers of doctors and that of politicians with Dr. Wehby stating that while training as a doctor, the first thing learned in medical school is to listen to the patient. Second, look into the objective data. Third, once all the data is gathered (test, MRIs, patient info, etc.), diagnose the problem then, at last, solve the problem.

“Today, our patient’s the United States,” said Dr. Wehby. “And I’m a doctor who wants to get in there and help try to heal this patient.”

Dr. Ben Carson, a retired neurosurgeon and now columnist and conservative voice often heard on Fox News, spoke about his concern for the future of America and what young people today will face. He provided a sobering fact by telling the audience the last time the federal budget was balanced and carrying no federal debt was under President Andrew Jackson, the nation’s seventh president. He also focused on the design of today’s political correctness to keep people silent in order to “change the underlying fabric of this nation.”

Dr. Carson described Dr. Wehby as “the real deal. What you hear is what you are going to get.”

Oregon has been characterized as ‘liberal;’  however, it appears Oregon is more independent-minded as 39% identify as Democrat, 31% Republican and 30% as non-affiliated or Independent. Senator Jeff Merkley is listed as one of fifteen vulnerable incumbents in 2014, and he has won no favor from the people of Oregon for his nonchalant attitude regarding  Cover Oregon and the federal Obamacare legislation. While recently holding poorly announced townhalls, Merkley delivered dismissive rhetoric toward constituents who had received cancellation notices on their health plans – the plans they were promised by Merkley and the president that they could keep. Merkley shifted all blame for the failures of Cover Oregon onto Oracle, the technology firm behind the dysfunctional website, but he failed to take responsibility for the dysfunctional legislation he proudly and boldly supported in 2009 in an effort to distance himself from accountability on the matter.

Wehby’s campaign is focused on holding Merkley accountable.

Unlike Merkley, Dr. Wehby has been traveling across Oregon speaking to the people of the state, and with the opportunities to speak comes the opportunity for her to listen to Oregon’s patients – the general public – who have received cancellation notices and are not able to afford the options presented in the deceptively titled ‘Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.’ While Merkley sticks to his talking points and cavalier attitude, Dr. Wehby is listening, gathering the info, diagnosing the problem and offering the solution.

It appears as though Oregonians are paying attention to her message as well and once voters have gathered all the information, they will work toward bringing about a solution to the travesty of Obamacare and many other items addressed. They may very well come to the conclusion, as Dr. Wehby concluded in her Wilsonville appearance, to ‘Keep your Doctor and Change your Senator.’