Crews restore electrical service to nearly all of the southern Oregon communities

Working around the clock in challenging terrain and weather, Pacific Power crews and contractors have restored electrical service to nearly all of the southern Oregon communities hit Sunday by a wave of wet, heavy snow after a week of soaking rains.

More than 200 crew members are repairing damage in several remote in Jackson, Klamath, Douglas and Josephine counties. Pacific Power has mobilized crews in the area and procured additional resources through contract crews and a mutual assistance agreement. As of 4:30 p.m., outage numbers were:

Roseburg area (Tiller, Glide, Canyonville, Myrtle Creek, Diamond Lake) 1,369
Medford, 302
Grants Pass areas (Glendale, Wolf Creek, Sunny Valley, Azalea) 270
Klamath Falls, 131 (Lake of the Woods and resort areas)

“In many of these areas, crews are finding severe damage, dozens of spans of wire down, and dozens of poles broken,” said Curt Mansfield, vice president, operations. “Our goal is get all power restored as quickly and as safely as possible, but a few especially hard hit remote areas may take until the end of the day Wednesday.”

While the ongoing restoration is encouraging, more snow is on the way and it is possible that new outages may occur even as the crews restore power from the previous storm.

Warming shelters operated by the Red Cross are in standby mode in Roseburg at the Vine Street Baptist Church, 2152 Vine Street and in Grants Pass at Rogue Community College. Last night, 11 local residents used the Grants Pass shelter.

As restoration continues, Pacific Power wants to remind customers that if power has been restored in your area, but you still lack electricity, check your meter box. Sometimes in storms the box and the weatherhead, the metal tube that brings power through your meter, can be torn away from your house and damaged. If there is damage to your meter base or weatherhead, it will need to be repaired by a licensed electrician before power can be restored.

Safety tips.
Stay away from all downed power lines. Even if lines are not sparking, they could be energized and extremely dangerous.
Call and report outages to Pacific Power at 1-877-508-5088. .
Don’t drive over downed power lines.
Check on your neighbors, especially those who may need special assistance.
Turn on your porch light switch. After crews complete repairs, they patrol the area to confirm lights are on.
Use a fireplace or wood stove to keep warm. Pay careful attention to fire hazards.
Never use kerosene or propane heaters inside without proper ventilation. They create dangerous fumes. Also, don’t use charcoal in your house or garage.
Never use a barbecue grill indoors.
As much as possible, do not open refrigerators and freezers–they will keep food and perishables inside cold for some time if not opened.
Preserve body heat by wearing multiple layers of clothing. Add a hat and blanket to stay warm. Blankets and towels around windows and doors help keep the heat in.
Generators should be outside or in a well-ventilated unoccupied space
Make sure generators are properly wired for your home or business, and don’t connect a generator directly to your home’s main fuse box or circuit panel. This can create a dangerous backfeed hazard for line crews.