Briefing on Umpqua Community College Shooting

The following is a briefing from Sheriff John Hanlin of the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office:

Good evening.

Again, our focus tonight is on the victims and their families. We have paired up deputies and victim specialists with each family as we work through the process of identifying all of the victims.

As we talked about previously – this is considered a mass casualty incident and those protocols mean that we likely will not release any names before tomorrow at the very earliest.

Obviously, notifications of the families is our priority, and we would ask that media respect the victims and their families as they manage these most difficult hours.

Again, any family members who have questions… or those with tips … are encouraged to call 1-800 CALL FBI – option 7.

We have information that leads us to believe we know who the shooter is. The official ID will come from the medical examiner’s office.

Let me be very clear: I will not name the shooter. I will not give him credit for this horrific act of cowardice. Media will get the name confirmed in time… but you will never hear us use it.

We would encourage media and the community to avoid using it, repeating it, or engaging in any glorification and sensationalization of him. He in no way deserves it. Focus your attention on the victims and their families and helping them to recover.

We do know that we have at least two heroic officers who responded into the building within minutes and exchanged gunfire with shooter.

OSP is handling that aspect of the investigation and will release any information about that officer-involved shooting at some point in the future.

Tactical teams and bomb technicians have cleared all of the buildings on campus, and officers are now working to clear the hundreds of vehicles still parked on campus.

Evidence teams from FBI and OSP are working to process the crime scene.

Again, I want to thank the hundreds of law enforcement officers, mental health counselors, victim specialists and others from all over the state who have responded.