14 year old threatens to blow up school

Yesterday at about 2:00 p.m., the Marion County Sheriff’s Office was called to the Oasis Brooks Program a local school in the 10000 block of 71st Avenue NE. Staff reported to deputies that a 14 year old student threatened to blow up the school after becoming upset with teachers.

According to the investigator, Deputy Colby Korte, “In today’s climate we have to take any threat against a school seriously.” The threats led deputies to contact the boy at home and after being questioned, he admitted that staff made him angry so he threatened to build a bomb and blow up the school.

The suspect’s residence was searched and no bombs or bomb making materials were located. As a result of his actions and threats the student was arrested and transported to the Marion County Juvenile Detention Center. The suspect is facing charges of menacing, disorderly conduct and harassment.

Any specific questions regarding the Oasis Program should be directed to Brian Florip at the Willamette Education Service District at 503-385-4626.